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If you see a design you like, but can not find it on ETSY, please contact me at,  I may have more in stock or I might be able to replicate it.  Some of the papers I use are of limited availability, so if I can't truly duplicate the design, I can get close.

Cards 4 (Car) Guys

Our limited edition and one of a kind handcrafted greeting 'Cards 4 (Car) Guys' are available on Etsy.


The members of ScottyWorks handcraft family friendly greeting cards for all the occasions in a car guys life.  We understand that some greeting cards are too mushy, have too many words, or just seem immature or inappropriate for everyone  to see and sign.  The designers at ScottyWorks work diligently to create memorable keepsake 'Cards 4 (Car) Guys' which you will be pleased to present.


Most of our handcrafted 'Cards 4 (Car) Guys' are created without a message inside, others will have just the simplest of messages.  There are many resources on the internet from which you can gain inspiration for a personal note.  If you are stuck for an inscription, let us know and we will share some links.


Each of our simply stated cards is 'handcrafted from the heart'. 

Now Available on Etsy ...
yellow old car thank you card handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks
red old car happy birthday card handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks

Past Designs