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BublBlu Wins Her Senior Grand National!


Congratulations to BublBlu, the 1957 BMW Isetta 300 featured on this site, for winning the Senior Grand National First Place at the Grand National  Meet for the Antique Auto Club of America, in Lebanon, TN.  She sat beside one of her cousins, another 1957 Isetta 300.


We had beautiful weather and a gorgeous setting at the county fairgrounds among the little village of Fiddler's Grove.  A great venue for a car show.


I don't think a single person walked by without at least a happy grin sneaking across their faces.  Many stopped to ask about the little bubble cars.  There were a lot of questions and a lot of memories shared. 

BublBlu and 'her cousin', another Isetta from Florida on display at the Moline AACA Grand Nationals, June 29, 2013.

Almost a mirror image, only slight differences between the Isettas.  BublBlu is Cortina Gray over Azure Blue, while her cousin is Cornflower Blue over Azure Blue.  BublBlu has solid wheels, which allow the beauty rings, while the other Isetta has two piece wheels.  The other Isetta is a 'California car', therefore it has two windshield wipers.

BublBlu and Matr were in Cape May, NJ

for Micros at the Beach

On a perfect early fall weekend, we took Matr loaded with BublBlu mounted on his back to the historic town of Cape May, NJ to join more than 20 other Microcar enthusiasts for Micros at the Beach hosted by Marge and Jim Dietterich.

A fun time was had by all as we drove through the historic community, along the ocean and bay fronts and through Wildwood for a long weekend of activities and fellowship.

The Microcars were allowed to join the larger cars on the iconic Wildwood boardwalk, Saturday, during the Boardwalk Classic Car Show.  People were amazed at the dimunitive size and the unique styling of the little cars.  After the show we cruised through Wildwood with the big cars, stealing the attention they expected.

The most prominent question, "Are they real? Are they street legal?" 

The answer is a resounding, "Yes."

We enjoyed daily drives to visit restaurants, a winery, a brewery, NAS Wildwood - an aircraft museum at the Cape May airport, a local elementary school, the Cape May lighthouse and much more.

The line of little cars attracted a lot of attention as we drove through the area.  We were greeted by a lot of smiling faces, waves, cheers and cameras.

Amazingly, there were no breakdowns.  Although we did have one run out of gas - fortunately he was near a gas station.  When you are driving a car that never had a fuel guage, and it gets more than 50 mpg, you often forget how many miles you have driven and when to fill up!  :)

Frankenmuth, MI - Dennis Gage stops by ...
ScottyWorks at Frankenmuth
Dennis Gage on Harley in Dodge Truck, "Now this is a unique way to ride!"

We attended the Frankenmuth Auto Fest in September with great friends. 

Dennis Gage stopped by to see our Dodge truck with the Harley Davidson in the back.  Dennis could not pass up the chance to sit on the bike.  This made it on his show, "My Classic Car", season 18, episode 3."   The 'mechanical air cleaner' on the Dodge appears at 3:25 in the video, the back of TowMatr appears and 17:58 and Dennis sitting on the Harley in the Dodge is at 19:57.

Dennis recognized the truck from seeing it during construction at Macungie in 2010.