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cut vinyl for signs and automobiles.
Vinyl lettering:
This job was for a music education studio in our area.  Their original road sign was 20 years old and very weathered.  The owner requested I use the original backing (plastic) and create new lettering.  We took care to preserve the original backing material while removing the old lettering.  The new lettering and symbols were then applied to the original backing, saving the customer money.  The name plaque is reused from a  previous instructor, cleaned up and relabeled.
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Vinyl lettering for office door
old Golden Guernsey logo
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vinyl cut for business road sign
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multi layer cut vinyl decal for 1950 DIVCO
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name plaque
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1950 DIVCO model 15
Vinyl decal for historic DIVCO milk truck.  We love historic vehicles, and our latest project is a 1950 baby DIVCO.  The Golden Guernsey logo was very weathered, so I took care to replicate from original artwork.
car show plaques
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car show plaque
A local brewery hosted what they hope to be their first annual car and tractor show.  I was honored to offer the design, printing and assembly of their plaques.